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About Me

I have been found to have these 5 major characteristic strengths; respectively being Connectedness, Achiever, Ideation, Learner and Individualization.

My main characteristic connectedness, allows me to consider people more important than things. The value I place on humankind guides my decision-making. It also influences what I say and do as well as what I choose not to say and do. By nature, I enjoy the company of people who have faced and conquered some of life’s difficulties. Perhaps they have gained wisdom I lack. Most often I benefit from their philosophical insights. Driven by my talents, I am usually the one who helps people understand how they are linked across time, distance, race, ethnicity, religion, economic levels, languages, or cultures. I make it possible for individuals to work together. I aim to break down barriers that separate them. I feel wonderful about life, especially when I become a link between individuals or groups. Many people would not have known one another if I had not stepped into their lives. I frequently engage in laborious tasks. I yearn to dedicate myself to worthy causes or noble purposes. Fortifying the bonds between myself, the people I know, or even those I will never meet gives my life special meaning.

I am an achiever, however I am much more industrious when I am working on projects I feel are really important. My fervor increases whenever the outcomes directly impact the quality of life. Instinctively, I am an enterprising person. I effortlessly launch new ventures. I measure my progress on a regular basis. This information inspires me to work even harder. Driven by my talents, I expend much mental energy making sense of events, identifying problems, and/or creating solutions. I sort through a lot of information to pinpoint essential facts. I rely on reason to arrive at sound conclusions or to make correct decisions. By nature, I have a work ethic that allows me to produce favorable outcomes day after day. Most people rely on me to do my assignments extremely well. I feel exhilarated when the demands of work keep me physically active. I am known for my capacity to labor longer and harder than many people can.

With ideation, I welcome opportunities to understand people one by one. I carefully examine each person’s strengths, shortcomings, character, choice of friends, interests, goals, and history. This enables me to draw conclusions and make judgments about individuals. By nature, I usually have more innovative ideas or original suggestions than others in the group. I am delighted to participate in forums where I can present creative concepts. Others are likely to share my desire to improve things. This explains why many individuals welcome my suggestions. Instinctively, I have a rich vocabulary upon which to draw. The words I choose often expand and challenge my listeners’ or readers’ thinking. I often experience satisfaction with my life when someone asks me to scrutinize, assess, examine, or evaluate things such as people, processes, plans, or mechanisms. Driven by my talents, I relish conversations with people whose vocabulary is as sophisticated as their thinking. Discussing philosophies, theories, or concepts is exhilarating. I do not have to translate this or that word or explain the basic points of a complex thought. I love to ask questions and be readily understood. As engaged as I am in the dialogue, I still make a point of pulling together insights so I can use this knowledge later.

As a learner, by nature, I prefer to concentrate on activities, problems, opportunities, or subjects that really intrigue me. Each time I acquire new information, I feel I can help people who need the same information. I usually equate education — formal and informal — with understanding more about something today than I understood about it yesterday. Instinctively, I feel rather good about life when people answer my questions and keep me well informed about topics that affect me personally or professionally. I prefer to be bombarded with facts, data, or explanations. Receiving only bits and pieces of information is likely to raise my level of anxiety, suspicion, or frustration. I am apt to become upset when individuals forget or refuse to tell me something I think I have a right or a need to know. Because of my strengths, I habitually bring together all sorts of information so I can refer to it later. At the instant I collect a fact, example, story, or piece of data, typically I am eager to use it. I trust it is valuable. My fascination with knowledge has most likely been part of me even before I formed the words to ask my first question. I periodically investigate the “hows” and “whys” of a given situation. I find relationships between the final result and the events preceding it. These links enable me to understand how things came into being. I draw logical conclusions that can broaden my knowledge base.

Through individualization, by nature, I sense people appreciate the advice I give them. I believe that I help individuals deal with problems and take advantage of opportunities. Because of my strengths, I like to partner with the same people over and over again. When I spend more time with my teammates, it is easier to pinpoint the unique talents, special interests, work styles, preferred forms of praise, or changing moods of each one. Instinctively, I repeatedly let people benefit from my sound reasoning and logical assessment of opportunities, problems, regulations, policies, or proposed solutions. Driven by my talents, I provide clarity that helps people know what is wrong and/or what is not working well. I like to set up systems for dealing with repetitious tasks. I am delighted when everyone in a group adopts my methodical procedures. People who insist on performing an assignment, chore, or program their own way annoy me. These individuals usually create problems for others by missing deadlines, delivering incomplete work, forgetting to fill out forms, spending time on the wrong activities, or wasting money.

Hopefully this letter finds you with an open mind, as this is meant as a general overview of my professional character. I would like to think that my skill set and dedication to being the greatest me I can be supersede my placement into any category or stereotype, especially one which may be unsuitable to your needs. I am extremely motivated and a dedicated individual with aspirations to grow and expand my experience to it’s limits.